New to investing? Don’t miss this advice from four experienced investors

With the GameStop short squeeze making onto the BBC 10 O'Clock news there can be little doubt there will be renewed interest from many people previously uninterested in the stock market. Ian Cowie talked in an article recently about a friend ringing him up wanting to know about the markets – but not the "technical... Continue Reading →

September portfolio roundup

In September, the FTSE 100 in the end hardly went anywhere. Meaning for once it beat the NASDAQ, but it’s still hardly a performance to write home about. My portfolio also had a rather lethargic feel to it. September was largely a month of inaction and mostly I just did my usual monthly investing into... Continue Reading →

Income investing versus growth investing

Many investors, especially the professionals running funds and trusts, fall into two camps, the income investors versus the growth investors. The real world is more complex than that and many private investors have the luxury of choosing to invest wherever they see the best returns, without having to meet any criteria or justify their decisions... Continue Reading →

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